3 Ways to Make Money with Your Real Estate

By Harlan Mayer, Principal Broker with Meadows Group Realtors and Real Estate Agent in Portland, OR

  1. Do not defer maintenance.  When a buyer comes along and inspects your home during a sale – if it has been maintained, the house shows better, and your home is worth more, especially compared to all the other houses the buyer looks at and compares your home with.  

Simple things caulking and sealing the exterior can prevent leaks – and by default, mold, dry-rot or a leaky basement.  By the way, if you do have a leaky basement call me as I have researched many alternatives and may have a very cost-effective solution for you.

Here is a link to HUD’s Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist: Click Here  – If you want to make money with your real estate – take care of what you have now.

  1. Consider making a capital investment into your property.  If you read my January newsletter, we looked at ways to take a difficult space or home feature and change it for the better – like adding a porch, removing an old unused or not-needed chimney stack to open up a room, or adding an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) above a garage to have a rentable apartment or mother-in-law space.

Let me know if you need a referral to a talented home designer or architect.  If you want to make money with your real estate

  1.  Kitchen and Bath Remodels!  When choosing finishes for a kitchen or a bath remodel there are many options. Remember to go classy, and of course pick what you like – but make sure it is a neutral enough design and the finishes appeal to a broad amount of potential buyers. Even if you never plan to sell your home, one never knows, so as they say, be ready for anything – especially when it comes to one of your largest wealth assets.  We have opportunities for our clients to buy materials wholesale.  Let me know and I will get you in touch.

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