If there was a rating I could give that was higher than 5 I would.
I can not recommend Harlan more!
Harlan’s experience and skill make him an invaluable component – in my opinion mandatory – of anyone’s house search. He was worth his weight in gold when we embarked on our house buying journey.
He made our nightmare situation turn into a fast, informed and efficient – successful process right up to attaining/closing our house goals.
From the very beginning he made us feel comfortable and well taken care of despite this being our first home buying experience as well as a non – traditional hurried search. The landlord we were going to eventually purchase from had a family tragedy and needed the home we were settled in back. It was as unexpected for her as it was for us during the winter holidays no less and we didn’t have a lot of time to find another place to rent in the skyrocketing Portland rental market. We had been hearing and experiencing through our friends the cut throat manner of Portland landlords, we weren’t about ready to go back to the doubt/ financial stress of renting from a stranger after having been settled for so long, only to get our rent hiked or have the building sold and demolished in a matter of time. Renting was not a sustainable solution.