Harlan was able to find the perfect buyer for my house. He was a blessing and an angel sent from heaven. Harlan had the inspiration,experience and knowledge to give me the advice that I needed to hear and deal with the challenges of selling my house. Harlan always responded to my concerns and was able to resolve them in a very timely manner.
I appreciated his patience with me and in selling my house.
I had a rental house in Gresham and it was in perfect condition until I rented it to some deadbeat renters that had no respect for my house.
I decided not to be a distant landlord and put the house on the market. Harlan was able to find a buyer that could give my house that I loved the glory that it had when I lived in it with my family.
I could feel the sadness that my house had been going through and I felt the relief that it had knowing that it was going to be rejuvinated and given the love it deserves once again. I am also happy for the happiness that my former house in Gresham will receive because of all the memories that home provided us that we will treasure forever.
I hope that it will provide many years of happiness for the new owners as it did for my family.