I was looking to buy my first home and went on trulia. The first name that popped up to my right for a Realtor was Harlan Mayer. I gave him a call and was immediately put at ease. He took the time to guide me down the right path since this was my first time buying a home. He was very knowledgeable in telling me exactly how to bid on a home and what to do and what not to do. The process was not overwhelming and he made sure that I was looking at the right homes to purchase within my price range.
Made a bid on a home and ended up being accepted. From then on Harlan was Johnny on the spot, he made sure I had all paperwork to to the right people at the right time, was ALWAYS available via phone, text or email and responded VERY quickly!! For anyone looking to purchase a home and don’t want to be under any pressure, give Harlan a call and he will hook you right up. GREAT GUY to work with and you will be very pleased once he gets you in the home of your dreams!