It is essential that you do not spend extra money between now and your closing date for your mortgage. Your pre-approval was based on the amount of money in savings accounts, checking accounts, retirement accounts and debt at the time. If you make any purchases such as a TV, car or furniture it could affect your chances of being approved for a loan when the lender pulls your credit one more time the day before closing. Therefore, it is important to pay all monthly bills on time going forward and refrain from opening or closing any credit cards or taking extravagant vacations. Although buying something may seem like it won’t make a difference, charging it to a credit card could put your loan in jeopardy.

Before you make any major purchases, wait until after you’ve closed on your mortgage. If you’re not sure whether a purchase will affect your ability to get a mortgage, talk to your lender first. Then, once the closing is done, feel free to go wild!