Start Packing and Hire Movers!

It’s time to start packing and hire movers! Get moving estimates and book a mover as soon as possible, since they often get booked up weeks in advance. Additionally, if you’re moving into a condo building, be sure to check with the HOA President or Property Management Company regarding any move-in fees or restrictions.

We cannot deliver the keys until closing, meaning you are officially recorded with the county, which happens electronically on the day of closing, usually between 11am and 3pm. Then you are ready to make it your own!

To save you time and hassle, we recommend asking your movers to bring wardrobe boxes for all of your hanging clothes. This way, instead of taking everything off the hangers and packing it up, the movers can simply grab everything from your closets that is on hangers and put them on rods in the boxes. When you arrive at your new home, you can then take out the hangers and hang up all of your clothes.

Moving Supplies:

Start gathering boxes and packing supplies.  Often you can find free boxes on Craigslist.  Otherwise, Uhaul, Uline, and Usedcardboardboxes are all great places to get moving supplies. Pods is another great way to make moving a bit easier.

Need to get rid of things? As a Realtor we receive a discount we can pass onto you from 1-800-Got-Junk. To get the discount click here.


Moving can be incredibly stressful for pets, so it might be a good idea to have them stay with a friend or in daycare while you get settled into your new place. This will give them some time to adjust and will help reduce the stress of the move.

Request a No Parking Sign from the City

No Parking signs for residential moves are available through the city.

For more information about No Parking signs in Portland go here.