Now that your offer has been accepted by the seller and there is an executed contract, it’s time to open escrow and drop off your earnest money check. Your earnest money is part of your down payment. Earnest money checks usually need to be dropped off within 2-5 business days of contract execution at the title company that is selected. So, what is earnest money? Click here to read a great article explaining earnest money.

In Oregon, the earnest money is deposited with the title company who is a neutral third party. You will be assigned an escrow officer. The company is usually picked by the listing agent. Click here for a video defining Escrow.

You will get your earnest money back without an issue if you cancel the sale before 5pm on the last day of the inspection period, if the home does not appraise, or if your loan is not approved without direct negative action by you.


In 20 years of selling real estate I have never had a client lose their earnest money. Keeping your timelines and protecting your interests is one of the most important things your Realtor does for you.