After receiving the inspection report, it is important to go through it thoroughly. Sometimes it is 30+ pages long and may contain many issues that need to be repaired. Remember it is your inspector’s job to find all the problems. We always recommend very thorough inspectors… Small cosmetic issues, such as recaulking a shower or repairing a broken microwave handle, are not as concerning as larger issues like a sewer issue in the basement or a structural problem. It is important to remember that the home inspection report is for the buyer’s information and not a to-do list for the seller, although we always attempt to get the seller to repair as much as possible.

** We recommend taking the inspection report and looking at is as a business plan for your new home. We suggest taking 3 different color highlighters and highlighting everything that needs to be addressed immediately in yellow, Things that need to be addressed in the next year or two in green, and things to keep an eye on over time in pink, for example.

Here are a few tips for reading the inspection report: