Hillsboro Beaverton

Hillsboro Beaverton

Beaverton: More than Portland’s Neighbor

Nestled between the striking West Hills and pastoral areas of Tualatin Valley, this city is renowned for its unique culture bursting with wineries, esteemed sites, global eateries, various specialty stores and the worldwide headquarters of Nike. Also, there are plenty of chances to be outside — Beaverton alone persists a substantial set of over 100 parks together with 30 miles for hiking jaunts and 25 for biking.

Hillsboro: More than Intel

Situated between the West Hills and the farmlands in Tualatin Valley, this unique community is full of vineyards, important sites of history, eateries from around the world, one-of-a-kind stores, and home to Nike Corporation. Also offered to residents and visitors are a bountiful available array of parks (reaching more than 100), trails that go for 30 miles for hiking purposes, and 25 miles full with bike paths.

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